Meet in the Middle is an annual Lindy Hop and Blues exchange hosted by the Queen’s Swing Dancing Club in Kingston, Ontario. Join us on January 24th and 25th, 2020 for two nights of sizzling live bands and DJ’d blues, plus a full day of professional Lindy Hop and Blues workshops.


Alex Pangman and Her Alleycats

Since her 1999 debut album “They Say” and follow up “You Can’t Stop Me From Dreaming”, the Toronto-based vocalist has pursued a successful jazz career across Canada, including three outstanding showcases at the Montreal International Jazz Festival. Alex Pangman reinvigorates classic jazz with a unique voice and unmistakable passion that has been recognized with nominations at the Junos and in multiple categories at the National Jazz Awards.

Alex Pangman and Her Alleycats



Lindy Hop



Initially trained in tap, ballet, modern jazz, and figure skating, Hannah found her love for Lindy Hop and Vernacular Jazz in 2011. Since then she has delved into the music, movement, and history of the swing era. She teaches locally, performs and competes with Girlnacular Jazz and the Swappsydoodles, and loves to swing out to the amazing live jazz being played around Toronto. In her classes Hannah emphasizes the connections we have with each other as dancers, and to the music we are dancing to. 

Hannah Bild-Enkin

Skylar has been immersing themselves in jazz culture for over a decade and has been jazz dancing for much of that time. Based in Montreal, she plays in the Cat’s Corner house band, and teaches a variety of jazz dances. She is also passionate about exploring the history and music that created the movements we love. When they are not dancing, Sky is normally thinking about ways of queering Lindy Hop. She values freedom and self-expression in dance and life, and focuses on student-first learning in all of her classes.

Skylar Laidman

Marjorie is a Blues and Lindy Hop DJ and teacher from Philadelpha, PA.  She’s been dancing for three years.  Her first love was Lindy Hop, but her focus quickly became blues.  Her favorite type of blues is Ballroomin’ , bridging the gap between Lindy and Blues.  By day she is a software developer, but her previous and ongoing careers include esports and cat mom.

Marjorie Bartell

Bio pending…

Kerian Pearson

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