November 2023 Workshop Resources

In November 2023, we had our first post-COVID workshop weekend, featuring Kofi and Liz from Ottawa.

Kofi provided a fantastic list of resources, listed below.


Significant Jazz musicians with birthdays the week of Nov. 25th


Hoagy Carmichael
Tommy Dorsey
Coleman Hawkins
Willie “The_Lion” Smith
Teddy Wilson
Scott Joplin




If you want to geek out on Jazz Music, check out:


Inspirational videos

A class in swing – Artie Shaw
The Spirit Moves – Shim Sham
Texas Tommy /
After Seben
California Routine (spirit moves)

Books and blogs

“Swinging at the Savoy”  by Norma Miller
” Rooted Jazz Dance: Africanist Aesthetics and Equity in the Twenty-First Century”  by Lindsay Guarino (Editor), Carlos R. A. Jones (Editor), Wendy Oliver (Editor)

“America Dancing: From the Cakewalk to the Moonwalk”

by Pugh, Megan

“Blues People” by Amiri Baraka

“Lady Sings the Blues” Billie Holiday / William Dufty

Swungover – Bobby White –


  • Feel the music, dance to the music
  • Repetition is good
  • “Commit to the bit” – Billie via Greg
  • Repetition is good
  • Keep your feet underneath you
  • Your moves are yours, do them like you own them
  • The Elders are a source of inspiration seek them out (their videos) and learn
  • Make it a daily habit to dance at least one song
  • Repetition is good!